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These AAT visits of this San Francisco, California, organization provide services to clients in hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric clinics and special schools. O) runs a non-profit rescue program in East Contra Costa County.

Operating in San Jose California, this group covers Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, Volunteers take their temperament tested pets on visits to people who live in various kinds of institutions, e.g. The therapy teams work with children at local libraries (AAA) and visit residents at hospitals, rehab centers and board and care facilites (AAT).

Therapy Pets facilitates animal-assisted therapy operates in the greater San Francisco-Oakland Bay Area.

Therapy Pets has set guidelines for evaluation, registration, and visiting etiquette for dogs.

That means that the facility must have some kind of agreement with the group to accept its volunteers.

If you have a facility that you want to visit find out the policy of the local organization, or seek testing and registration from one of the national organizations .

As is common in local organizations teams visit as a group and are not certified to go out on their own.

Based in San Diego, California the program is designed to share animals with people of all ages in facilities such as convalescent homes, hospitals, mental health centers, abused children's homes and juvenile detention centers The SF SPCA volunteers take SF SPCA Program animals or their own pets on the visits: dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits - even cats.

Covers facilities in Tehama, Shasta, and Humboldt Counties in California.The Paula Kent Meehan Pawsitive Pet Program is comprised of Dog and Handler Teams that visit at Saint John's Health Center.For teams to qualify, the handler and dog must become a registered member of the Delta Society's Pet Partner Program.If what you need is general information then check either the resources page, or the books and videos page.Be sure to read How to get your website or group listed here before writing with a request.

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Therapy Pet Volunteer Teams may visit facilities on their own schedule or with other Therapy Pet volunteer teams.

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