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Dejaremos pasar un tiempo antes de volver a este universo y atacar los dos tomos finales.From a deadly game of cat-and-mouse through the flooded ruins of New York with the remnants of the US Navy, hunting one of their own gone rogue in a nuclear submarine, to a deadly face-off in a Norwegian Fjord with post-Crash whale-hunting vikings that's as much about a bitter old grudge as it is about saving the whales, Callum Israel and the crew of the Kapital try to make their mark and do some good in a shattered world full of violence and compromise and brute necessity.

Overall, the series is finally picking up, developing a story, and its characters. The whaling and the underwater scenes are memorable.

¿Qué pasará cuando dos leones vivan entre serpientes?

Betas: Bellatrix 2009 y Meliza The destruction of the time turners in the Department of Mysteries throws Harry, Ron and Hermione a thousand years into the past.

Stay in school, turn the tap off after you brush your teeth, and don’t do drugs, kids! Callum Israel y su tripulación deberán lid Tercer y último volumen (hasta ahora) a mi alcance de la gran serie de Wood y Brown.

The Kapital used to be a Greenpeace kind of ship, now it just tries to stay afloat (Just stop, Jeff) in a chaotic world. Question: What the hell happened to the titular (heh! "Longship" retoma un argumento que quedara colgado del tomo anterior- Georg, el piradito, se llevó un submarino nuclear- y nos traslada (algo abruptamente, dado que al final del anterior volumen el Kapital estaba atrapado por los hielos del Ártico) a EEUU, país al que el Crash destrozó casi que por completo y se encuentra en el estado más salvaje que pudiéramos esperar.

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“Few could interpret this bleak and threatening world better than [Garry] Brown.”—Comic Book Resources Two and half water-logged stars rounded down. I've lately been intrigued by the idea that you can tell something about the author by the work.

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