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It wasn't the only wedding news in the Logan family.Pam and Stephen announced that they were getting married.There you will see that a brief summary of that week's action has been included for your reference.When you find a week of recaps that you want to read up on, simply click on the appropriate link located under that week's summary.By doing this you'll have access to the entire week's daily recaps just as they were posted on B&B Online during that week.As our archives have grown, we've created one page per calendar year.Brooke worried that Taylor's diagnosis of Thomas' possible Oedipal complex might have been on track, but Thomas insisted that he had no romantic feelings for Brooke, only gratitude. Through a computer dating service, Tawny hooked up with Carl, the shady hospital lab assistant, who claimed that he could fix any DNA test.Carl and Tawny urged Amber to deliver the news of fatherhood to Liam.

Oliver asked Tawny and Amber to move out of his place.

Brooke awakened and asked what Thomas thought he was doing.

Hope confronted Amber and Tawny about Amber supposedly sleeping with Liam.

After Nick tried nicotine gum and a nicotine patch, he discovered that quitting his smoking habit was harder than he had anticipated.

Jackie and Stephanie banded together and confronted Nick about smoking, and he promised to quit.

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