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C-reactive protein level was increased (24.2 mg/L; reference value ) but no Ig M titer.Additional tests for alphaviruses were then performed on the same sample, and indirect immunofluorescence assay showed an Ig M titer of 2,560 and an Ig G titer of 10,240 (reference value ) against MAYV.The serum sample had an MAYV viral load of 1.24 × 10 Figure.Bayesian maximum clade credibility tree representing the time-scale phylogeny of Mayaro virus (MAYV) by analysis of 2-kb genomic fragments, including the 3′ segment of the envelope (E)2 protein, the complete E1...

Happy New Year Guangzhou and Happy New Year Pecha Kucha! It's your way to keep inspired with 7 days of creativity right in your pocket. Welcome to the New Year and welcome our newest All Star at Pecha Kucha HQ in Tokyo, Cristina Marie Deane.

Escape City's Mike Ringrose dives into the details of what goes into creating some of Edmonton's most popular escape rooom, detailing how game theories and mechanics evolve into fascinating storylines and a whole lot of fun between groups of locked-in guests.

A highly romantic nineteenth-century depiction shows Napoleon inspecting a mummy at the pyramids.

Four days before, the patient had returned from a 2.5-week visit to French Guiana, where she traveled with her partner and caught butterflies.

She had conducted these activities during her holidays for the past 5 years, mostly in spring or autumn.

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