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- Character (superimposed) 13910 virkning, effekt effekt, verkan YELLOW 13910 Bliss-character / Bliss-word Norwegian BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13911 egg,ovum_(1) egg (seed life) SYMBOL SYNONYM 13912 egg,ovum_(2) 13913 Norwegian Swedish POS 13911 egg, eggcelle (1) ägg (1) YELLOW (pictograph) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character 13912 egg, eggcelle (2) ägg (2) YELLOW eggplant (vegetable (cylinder-shaped) purple) 13913 aubergine aubergine, äggplanta YELLOW 13914 either (relation [half-sized], pointing forward dot: altered form of position in order to represent the meaning “the first alternative”.The dot is within the relation symbol because, as CKB writes, "We have not decided where to place it.") - Character (superimposed) 13914 enten antingen WHITE 13915 ejaculation ejaculation (erection sperm intensity) 13915 utløsning utlösning YELLOW 13916 elbow (arm pointer, to elbow) - Character (superimposed - pointer) 13916 albu armbåge YELLOW 13917 electric,electrical (electricity description indicator) 13917 elektrisk elektrisk GREEN 13918 electricity (pictograph: symbol suggests a lightning bolt) - Character 13918 elektrisitet elektricitet YELLOW 13919 electric_light,lamp (light electricity thing indicator: object that provides light by means of electricity) Note: probably missing character "lamp -- (an artificial source of visible illumination)" 13919 lampe lampa YELLOW 13920 electric_wheelchair (wheelchair electricity) 13920 elektrisk rullestol elrullstol YELLOW BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13921 electric_wire,electric_cord,cord,cable,lead (linear thing electricity thing indicator) 13922 electromagnetic_radiation 13923 Norwegian Swedish POS 13921 ledning, kabel sladd, ledning YELLOW electromagnetic radiation (derived from electricity) - Character 13922 elektromagnetisme elektromagnetism YELLOW elephant (animal nose: animal distinguished by its nose, i.e., trunk) 13923 elefant elefant YELLOW 13924 elevator,lift (room up and down) 13924 heis hiss YELLOW 13925 Elul (month before shofar: month before Rosh Hashana (Hebrew)) 13925 Elul (Israel) Elul (Israel) YELLOW 13926 embarrassed (embarrassment description after the fact indicator) 13926 forlegen, brydd, flau generad GREEN 13927 embarrassing (embarrassment description indicator) 13927 pinlig, flaut pinsam GREEN 13928 embarrassment (discomfort up_and_down: also a combination of uncomfortable and upset) 13928 forlegenhet, flauhet pinsamhet YELLOW 13929 embryo (body existence,being_(2): an embryo is a potential living being, which cannot live outside the mother's body) - Character (superimposed) 13929 embryo, foster embryo YELLOW 13930 emergency (danger limited time) 13930 krise, nød nöd, nödläge YELLOW BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13931 empathy (feeling understanding,comprehension) 13932 empty_(OLD) 13933 Norwegian Swedish POS 13931 medfølelse, empati medkänsla YELLOW (opposite meaning full description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empty 23863 13932 tom (OLD) tom (FD) GREEN empty-(to)_(OLD) (empty action indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See empty,evacuate,throw_away,void-(to) 23864 13933 tømme(OLD) tömma (FD) RED 13934 enclosure (pictograph: an enclosed space) - Character 13934 avlukke, sluttet enhet sluten enhet YELLOW 13935 end,arrival,stop (forward reference line: the arrow arrives at the line and stops) Character 13935 ankomst, slutt, ende slut, stopp, ankomst YELLOW 13936 energy (sun electromagnetic radiation: potential energy, as received from the sun) - Character (superimposed) 13936 energi energi YELLOW 13937 engaged (before marriage description indicator) 13937 forlovet förlovad GREEN 13938 enjoy-(to) (happiness action indicator) 13938 more, glede glädja RED 13939 enough (minus more description indicator: no more needed, i.e.,the right amount or number) 13939 nok, tilstrekkelig nog, tillräckligt GREEN 13940 enter,absorb,insert,penetrate-(to) (into action indicator) 13940 gå inn, komme inn, trekke inn gå in, komma in, sätta in (etc) RED BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13941 envious (to want comma other to have description indicator: wanting what another person has) 13942 environment 13943 Norwegian Swedish POS 13941 misunnelig avundsjuk GREEN (earth water sky: complete physical world that surrounds us) Character (superimposed) 13942 miljø miljö, omvärld YELLOW equal-(to) (equal action indicator) 13943 likne, være lik med likna, vara lika med RED 13944 erection,erect_penis (standing_(standing_person) pictograph, of erect penis) - Character (superimposed) 13944 ereksjon, erigert penis erektion, stånd YELLOW 13945 eternal_life,immortality_(after_death) (life after death) 13945 evig liv evigt liv YELLOW 13946 etrog (pictograph: citrus fruit used as a Jewish ceremonial object (Hebrew)) 13946 etrog (Israel) etrog (Israel) YELLOW 13947 evaluate-(to) evaluate (to) (evaluation action indicator) 13947 vurdere värdera RED 13948 appreciate,value,treasure-(to) (to evaluate good action indicator) 13948 verdsette, sette pris på uppskatta RED 13949 evaluation,value (symbol represents a cone balancing unsteadily on its point, reminding us that our evaluations are variable and unreliable) - Character 13949 verdi, vurdering värde, värdering YELLOW 13950 evening (moon [modification, upper half] earth: the moon begins to appear above 13950 kveld the horizon) - Character (superimposed - modified) kväll YELLOW BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 14113 evening_before_holiday,evening_of_Sabbath (evening before Sabbath) 14114 event,happening,occasion 14115 Norwegian Swedish POS 14113 kveld før fridag, kveld før helg afton, kväll före helgdag YELLOW (to be earth [half-sized]: occurrence on earth) - Character (superimposed) 14114 hendelse, begivenhet händelse YELLOW ever,whenever (anytime description indicator) 14115 noen gang, noensinne någonsin GREEN 14116 evergreen_tree,spruce,fir,fir_tree (tree pictograph of spruce branches: pictograph symbo that suggests a spruce or pine tree.The symbol can be used for any tree that does not lose 14116 bartre, nåletre, eviggrønt tre its leaves annually.) - Character (superimposed) gran, tall, barrträd YELLOW 14117 everybody,everyone (all person) 14117 alle alla WHITE 14118 exchange,substitute,trade-(to) exchange,substitution action indicator) 14118 bytte, veksle byta RED 14119 ecstatic (ecstasy description indicator) 14119 begeistret, ekstatisk, opphisset extatisk, exalterad GREEN 14120 ecstasy (feeling three intensity symbols: experiencing very intense feelings) 14120 begeistring, ekstase, opphisselse extas YELLOW 14121 exclude-(to) (outside action indicator) 14121 utelukke, unnta, ekskludere stänga ute, utesluta RED 14122 excuse (to allow after: condoning of something after it has occurred) 14122 unnskyldning förlåtelse, ursäkt YELLOW BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 14123 excuse-(to) (excuse action indicator) 14124 exercise,work_out-(to) 14125 Norwegian Swedish POS 14123 unnskylde förlåta, ursäkta RED (to work health action indicator: to work in order to maintain health) 14124 trene, mosjonere träna RED exhibitionism,immodesty,indecent_exposure (to cause to see genitals) 14125 blotting, ekshibisjonisme blottande YELLOW 14126 exit-(to) (out of (forward) action indicator) 14126 gå ut av gå ut, komma ut RED 14127 expect,anticipate-(to) (expectation action indicator) 14127 anta, forvente anta, förvänta RED 14128 expectation,anticipation (mind future_(uncertain): thinking about an unknown future) - Character (superimposed) 14128 antagelse, forventning antagande, förväntan YELLOW 14129 expensive_(OLD) (much cost description indicator: costing a lot of money) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See expensive 23080 14129 dyrt, dyr (OLD) dyr (FD) GREEN 14130 explain,give_a_reason-(to) (to say understanding,comprehension action indicator: to say something in such a way that another person understands it) 14130 forklare förklara RED 14131 explode,blow_up,detonate,burst-(to) (explosion action indicator) 14131 eksplodere, sprenge explodera, spränga RED 14132 explosion,detonation,blowup (thing four arrows [modification, short arrows], moving outwards) Character (superimposed - modified) 14132 eksplosjon, sprengning, detonasjon explosion YELLOW BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 14133 eye (pictograph: symbol suggests an eye with a pupil in the centre) Character 14134 eyebrow 14135 Norwegian Swedish POS 14133 øye öga YELLOW (eye line [half-sized] pointer) - Character (superimposed - pointer) 14134 øyebryn ögonbryn YELLOW eyebrow_pencil (pencil eyebrow) 14135 øyebrynsblyant, kajal kajalpenna, ögonpenna YELLOW 14136 eyelid_(upper) (eye pointer, to upper eyelid) - Character (superimposed - pointer) 14136 øyelokk ögonlock (övre) YELLOW 14137 eye_makeup (colour plus eyelid(s): colour added to eyelids and eyelashes) 14137 øyesminke, mascara mascara YELLOW 14138 face (head dot [modified, higher position] dot [modified, higher position]: pictograph, suggesting a face with mouth, nose and two eyes) Character (superimposed) 14138 ansikt ansikte YELLOW 14139 fact (mind real: something that one thinks is real) - Character (superimposed) 14139 faktum faktum YELLOW 14140 factory,plant (building to make: building where things are manufactured) 14140 fabrikk, verksted fabrik, verkstad YELLOW 14141 falafel (food ball bean: Middle Eastern food made from chick-pea meal and shaped into balls) 14141 falafel falafel YELLOW 14142 fall-(to) (fall,drop,spill,tumble action indicator) 14142 falle, miste falla, ramla, tappa RED BCI-AV# Swedish POS äggledare YELLOW family_(traditional) (man protection protection woman: a man and a woman join their roofs to create a family unit.The symbol also can be explained as husband 14144 familie (tradisjonell) wife.) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character (superimposed) familj, släkt BLUE family_(cohabiting) (person protection person: caring people, i.e., people joined together to protect those in their care) SYMBOL SYNONYM - Character (superimposed) 14145 familie (samboende) familj, makar, sambopar (könsneutral) BLUE 14146 police_force,police (group protection: group of caring people) Note: This is an unacceptable Bliss-word definition - mixes up family with police, and misses out the fundamental element of force in police. 14146 politistyrke, politikorps polisstyrka, poliskår, polismakt, polis BLUE 14147 family_planning (plan conception) 14147 familieplanlegging familjeplanering YELLOW 14148 family_planning_clinic (public room family planning) 14148 klinikk for familieplanlegging mottagning för familjeplanering YELLOW 14149 fan (pictograph) - Character 14149 vifte (bildelik) solfjäder YELLOW 14150 far,distant_(OLD) (farness,remoteness,farawayness_(OLD) description indicator: a full space between the two lines, the lines are relatively far apart) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See far,distant 26002 14150 fjernt, langt borte (OLD) långt bort, avlägsen (FD) GREEN 14151 farm (protection field: place where the fields are cared for) - Character (superimposed) 14151 bondegård, landbruk bondgård, lantbruk YELLOW 14152 farmer (person farm: person who farms) 14152 bonde, landbruker bonde, lantbrukare BLUE 14143 14144 14145 Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation fallopian_tube (tube egg) Norwegian 14143 eggleder BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 14153 fast_day (day without food) 14154 fasten,attach,join,append,connect-(to) 14155 Norwegian Swedish POS 14153 fastedag fastedag YELLOW (together action indicator) 14154 feste, sammenføye, sette sammen sätta ihop, sätta fast RED fastener,gripper,velcro,zipper (thing to fasten clothing) 14155 spenne, hekte, glidelås dragkedja, kardborrband, spänne (etc) YELLOW 14156 fat,thick_(OLD) (fatness,thickness_(OLD) description indicator: the pointers point inward to the widest space bounded by the reference lines) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See fat,thick 26003 14156 tykk, fet (OLD) tjock, fet (FD) GREEN 14157 father,dad,daddy,papa,pa,pop (protection man: man who gives protection to his family) - Character (superimposed) 14157 pappa, far pappa, far BLUE 14158 favourite (to choose first description after the fact indicator: one's first choice) 14158 favoritt, yndlings- favorit-, älsklings- GREEN 14159 fear,be_afraid,dread-(to) (afraid action indicator: to feel afraid of the future because of its uncertainties) 14159 frykte, være redd vara rädd RED 14160 feather (part of wings) 14160 fjær fjäder YELLOW 14161 February (month 2: second month of the year) 14161 februar februari YELLOW 14162 feed-(to) (to give food action indicator) 14162 gi mat, mate, fore mata RED BCI-AV# English Derivation - explanation Swedish POS feel-(to) (feeling action indicator) 14163 føle känna RED feeling,emotion,sensation (symbol is the familiar heart shape: traditionally one's feelings are supposed to come from the heart.The symbol represents change in a general sense.) 13151 forandring, endring förändring, omväxling YELLOW BCI-AV# English Derivation - explanation Swedish POS 13152 change,alter-(to) (change action indicator) 13152 forandre, endre ändra, växla RED 13153 Chanukah, Hanukkah (holiday light: holiday of lights (Hebrew)) 13153 Chanukah (Israel) Chanukah (Israel) YELLOW 13154 charity (help needy person feeling) 13154 veldedighet hjälpverksamhet, välgörenhet YELLOW 13155 cheap_(OLD) (opposite meaning expensive description indicator) SYNONYM See cheap,inexpensive 23039 13155 billig (OLD) billig (FD) GREEN 13156 cheek (face pointer, to cheek) - Character (superimposed - pointer) 13156 kinn kind YELLOW 13157 cheese (pictograph: symbol suggests a wedge of cheese) - Character 13157 ost ost YELLOW chemical_product (pictograph symbol suggests the outline of a chemical retort thing [modification, lower position] (combinaton)) - Character (superimposed modified - combined) 13158 kjemisk produkt kemisk produkt YELLOW 13159 cherries (fruit pit,stone [modification,lower position] fruit [modification] pit,stone [modification,lower position]: pictograph of cherries combined in a 13159 kirsebær cluster) - Character (superimposed - modified - combined) körsbär YELLOW 13160 Cheshvan (month beginning rain: month when rainy season begins (Hebrew)) 13160 Cheshvan (Israel) Cheshvan (Israel) YELLOW 13161 chest chest (body pointer, to chest) - Character (superimposed - pointer) 13161 brystkasse, bringe bröstkorg YELLOW 13158 Bliss-character / Bliss-word Norwegian SUPERSEDED BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13162 Norwegian Swedish POS chest_of_drawers,bureau,dresser (pictograph) - Character Note: missing character, we should have "rectangular shape (horizontal)" - also used in rectangle,oblong 16472, 13162 kommode rectangular,oblong 16473, and several other characters.byrå YELLOW 13163 chew-(to) (many to bite action indicator: to bite many times) 13163 tygge tugga RED 13164 chicken_(bird) (bird food: bird commonly used for food) 13164 høne, hønsefugl höna, hönsfågel YELLOW 13165 chicken_(food),poultry (food bird) 13165 kylling (mat) kyckling, höna (mat) YELLOW 13166 child,kid,youngster (flower little (combination): CKB writes: A child is like a "little flower".The diagonal line has the opposite orientation to the one used in the, this and that.) - Character 12321 en, ei, et en, ett WHITE 12322 ability,capability,capacity,potential (dot evaluation: evaluation beforehand of one’s potential to do something) 12322 evne, kapasitet förmåga, kapacitet YELLOW 12323 abortion_(induced) (to cause miscarriage,abortion_(spontaneous)) 12323 abort abort YELLOW 9005 indikator (preteritum futurum perfektum, i fortiden) operator (konditionalis i förfluten tid) POS GRAY BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 12324 about,concerning,in_relation_to,of,on (relation [half-sized], pointing forward: used to mean on when the symbol refers to time, e.g.

The symbol may be used for body in a general sense.) - Character 12870 kropp kropp YELLOW 12871 boil_(food)-(to) (fire water intensity action indicator: to bring water or a liquid to a boil) 12871 koke (mat) koka (mat) RED 12872 boil_(liquid)-(to) (fire water intensity action indicator: to cook in boiling water) 12872 koke koka (vätska) RED 12873 bone (pictograph: symbol suggests a bone shaft with ends) - Character 12873 bein, knokkel ben (skelett-) YELLOW 12874 bonfire,barbeque,campfire (fire happiness: a fire to enjoy) 12874 bål brasa, bål, lägereld YELLOW 12875 book (pictograph: symbol suggests an open book.

CKB points out that this symbol is the reverse of why, and reminds us that the question mark remains to show that not all answers beginning with "because" are complete or satisfactory.) 12647 12647 fordi, derfor därför WHITE 12648 become-(to) (to advance to be action indicator: to come to be) 12648 bli bli RED 12649 bed (pictograph: symbol suggests a bed with a pillow at the head) - Character 12649 seng säng, bädd YELLOW 12650 bedroom bedroom (room to sleep) 12650 soverom sovrum YELLOW 12651 bee (fly flower: flying insect that obtains nectar and pollen from flowers) 12651 bie bi YELLOW 12652 beef (food bovine: food that comes from a steer or cow.

The symbol also can be explained as: combination of meat and bovine) 12652 oksekjøtt, storfekjøtt nötkött YELLOW 12653 beer (alcoholic drink gas: alcoholic drink that has bubbles or foam) 12653 øl öl YELLOW 12654 beet (vegetable (large-leafed) red: vegetable with a red, edible root) 12654 rødbete rödbeta YELLOW 12655 beetle (insect pictograph of wing cases [hard shell]) - Character (superimposed) 12655 bille skalbagge YELLOW 12646 Bliss-character / Bliss-word Norwegian BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 12656 before,in_front_of,prior_to (dot reference line: the dot comes before the reference line.

See also: take,bring,carry,move-(to) 17497 13125 bære, transportere förflytta, transportera RED 13126 carrycot,bassinet (container baby: holder for a baby) 13126 babykurv babykorg (etc) YELLOW 13127 cart,carriage (transport,transportation forward [arrow - high position]: can also be interpreted as a combination of transport and to pull) - Character (superimposed - combined) 13127 kjerre, vogn kärra, vagn YELLOW 13128 cassette,audiocassette,videocassette (pictograph) - Character 13128 kassett, videokassett kassettband, videoband YELLOW 13129 cast_(medical) (enclosure medical body: medical enclosure for the body) 13129 støttekorsett (støpt) stödkorsett (gjuten) YELLOW 13131 catch,grab-(to) (hand to receive action indicator) 13131 gripe, fange ta, fånga RED BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13132 caterpillar (worm butterfly: larva of the butterfly) 13133 cauliflower 13134 Norwegian Swedish POS 13132 larve larv YELLOW (cabbage flower: cabbage with flowerets) 13133 blomkål blomkål YELLOW cause (wedge shape that incorporates relation: the wedge presses into the thing on which it has an effect) See also: effect.

- Character 13134 årsak orsak YELLOW 13135 cause-(to) (cause action indicator) 13135 forårsake orsaka RED 13136 be_caused_by-(to) (cause passive indicator) 13136 bli forårsaket av orsakas av RED 13137 cave (hole mountain: hole in a mountainside) 13137 hule, grotte grotta YELLOW 13138 cavity,caries (teeth dot) - Character (superimposed) 13138 hull (i tann) hål (i tand) YELLOW 13139 ceiling (room pointer, to ceiling) - Character (superimposed - pointer) 13139 tak, innetak tak, innertak YELLOW 13140 celery (vegetable above ground [modified] pictograph of a cluster of stalks (combination)) - Character (superimposed - combined) 13140 selleri, bladselleri bladselleri YELLOW 13141 celibacy,chastity (without sexual intercourse) 13141 sølibat kyskhet, oskuld YELLOW BCI-AV# Bliss-character / Bliss-word English Derivation - explanation 13142 cemetery (place grave) 13143 cent 13144 Norwegian Swedish POS 13142 kirkegård, gravplass, gravlund kyrkogård, begravningsplats YELLOW (international symbol for cent) - Character 13143 cent cent YELLOW century (100 year: period of one hundred years) 13144 århundre, sekel århundrade, sekel YELLOW 13145 cereal (dish grain) - Character (superimposed) 13145 kornblanding, kornvarer flingor, müsli YELLOW 13146 certain_(OLD) (opposite meaning to doubt description indicator) SUPERSEDED SYNONYM See certain,sure 24049 13146 sikker (OLD) säker (FD) GREEN 13147 cervix (part of uterus) 13147 livmorhals livmoderhals YELLOW 13148 chair,seat (pictograph) - Character 13148 stol stol YELLOW 13149 challah (bread Sabbath: traditional bread eaten on the Sabbath (Hebrew)) 13149 challah (Israel) challah (Israel) YELLOW 13150 chameleon (lizard to change: lizard that is able to change colour) 13150 kameleon kameleont YELLOW 13151 change,alteration (weather [modified]: CKB says that weather is ever-changing.

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