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I have been following this great tutorial and got my codes to working with most of the database transfers.

Now I'd like to use the same method to update long text messages and images onto my server My SQL database, but it doesn't seem to work.

If you choose to use it (I encourage you to do), here is the documentation that you will need to POST a request .

There is also an example to send an image to a remote server with NSData.

In the processing page, use something like if(isset($_POST['afieldname'])) { to make sure the form data is there, and then handle it (remember to sanitize, or use prepared statements) Thanks for your reply, please be patient with me as I am total novice to PHP...

I don't know what do you mean by "sanitize or use prepared statements"?

I'd suggest when you're not on a time crunch to take a look at the PDO library to understand prepared statements. There are two things that spring to mind when I look at this: If there's only one row in your table ever, then the above is fine.

I'm not even sure if transferring this way is a good idea.When new information is selected using drop down menu, the field in table has changed accordingly, but I need a code for the "Submit button" to update that information in database.I have an update query that it should work, and I have created the image of the button using html.When a submit button is pressed inside a form it collects all the data in the form and submits it to the path in the the forms action attribute. I will try it and will let you know how did I go...a day or two. if (isset($_POST['apprrovalstat']) && in_array($_POST['apprrovalstat'],$allowed)) { mysql_query("UPDATE webform_submitted_data SET approval_status = '"[email protected] Lion: I will definitely had a closer look into PHP once I'm done with this project Cheers guys Thanks Steve. What happens when you have a project with nid 11, and sid 1, and another with nid 1, and sid 11? If NID and SID are a unique identifier (duple), they should be the key. Your form has no way of identifying which project you're trying to modify. mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['apprrovalstat']) ."' WHERE nid = ".intval($_POST['nid'])." AND sid = ".intval($_POST['sid'])); echo "Rows updated"; Notes here:1: i've shifted the "is not -select-" check into the IF.

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