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This event probably suggests that they have been conquered or otherwise subjugated by the Iclingas (see the introduction for Mercia, below, for a detailed examination of this group).

The name Tamworth derives from 'Tame' and 'worig', which seems to mean an enclosed space (according to Bosworth and Toller).

This would have generated 'little me', or perhaps 'little Ic', referring to the Iceni - a lesser or junior version of the once great tribe.

Was there an unrecorded early Mercian king (sub-king? (Additional information by Edward Dawson and Dave Hayward, from The Oxford History of England: The English Settlements, J N L Meyers, from The Oxford History of England: Anglo-Saxon England, Sir Frank Stenton, from Mercian Studies, Ann Dornier (Ed), Leicester University Press 1977, and from External Link: Bosworth and Toller's Anglo-Saxon Dictionary.) As the former territory of the Iceni is the first arrival point for many Angles arriving in Britain at this time, it seems reasonable to assume that the Iclingas have also followed this route (the Wash being the other main entry point in this region).

Does it reach as far as Watling Street and also feed the creation of the Ciltern Saetan in Northamptonshire?

Initially, of course, the Iclingas would be seen as nothing other than one more group of Middil Engle, one that decides not to head southwards from the Midlands, through the Vale of Aylesbury, to become Ciltern Saetan.

The territory in the East Midlands into which the Iclingas settle is varied, and not entirely attractive.

If the meaning was the same as for the Iceni themselves then Iclingas could mean something like 'travel people' - very apt.

The result of this examination is that the Iclingas quite possibly formed in East Anglia but were then pushed westwards for whatever reason, perhaps by the subsequent rulers of the region.

The 'i' at the end of the name is likely to be a Roman addition onto 'Icen', but Icen is already a plural form with the suffix '-en', which leaves the root name of that British tribe as either Ic or Ice.

Sticking to the simplest possibility suggests 'ic' ('ich').

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