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Megan is particularly interested in covering issues of higher education.

Cat has worked for a variety of local media, including OU's Compass and Ohio Today publications.

She interned at The Athens NEWS, a twice-weekly newspaper in Athens, Ohio.

An interest in global news led to a year-long internship with the BBC News in Washington DC where she helped cover the 2016 election.

Following graduation from Damascus University in 2012, Riham worked for several Arab and Syrian media outlets such as Sham FM, Barakabits, Aliqtisadi and the SOS Children's Villages website.

Riham earned a BA and a first Master's Degree in media and mass communications at Damascus University.

"We are thrilled to recognize these outstanding scholarship winners, who represent the future of our profession and illustrate the importance of fighting for First Amendment freedoms," said Jeff Mason, WHCA president and White House Correspondent for Reuters.

"We look forward to celebrating them at the White House Correspondents' Dinner and watching them as they progress in their careers." The scholarship winners are: Columbia University Riham Alkousaa of Damascus, Syria, is the recipient of a ,000 tuition grant.

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She has native proficiency in Swahili and is the recipient of multiple awards and honors.

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