The area was sustained by fishing and pearl diving for a thousand years, with the first records of the town being made in 1799 when the Bani Yas clan established it as a dependency of Abu Dhabi.

Dubai became a separate Sheikhdom in 1833, when the Al-Maktoum dynasty of the Bani Yas clan (initially from Abu Dhabi) took it over peacefully.

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In the west you would often greet a woman with a handshake. Dubai culture , and the UAE for the most part would indicate that the only time you offer a handshake to women is if they are the ones who initiate the exchange. When you come across a relatively modern Dubai woman, keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. This applies even when talking about the Dubai women. If you are to spend time in Dubai, then spend enough time up front to learn and respect the local culture.

During the expansion of the Sheikh Zayed Road between 19, remnants of a mangrove swamp were uncovered which were dated to approximately 7000 BCE.

and various evidence suggests links to the mysterious Magan civilisation, who it is thought controlled the copper trade of this part of the ancient world, and of which there are archaeological sites in Bahrain.

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The specific problem is: Please notice the jump from 3000 BCE to Sassanid Empire 3rd Century AD and nothing more.

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Though Dubai is fast becoming a modern city, old belief systems in the treatment of women still very much hold their sway.

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