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Ventura can dismiss the bloggers as hack journalists and conspiracy theorists if he wants, but their allegations stand on more evidence than Ventura’s assertion that Israel destroyed Lebanese infrastructure to eliminate “a local economic rival” for tourism and trade. It is not his decision whom he should debate but ours. FUNDAMENTALS OF DRAWING Instructor David Thornberry guarantees he can teach you to draw, no matter what self-defeating arguments you can throw at him.

It pains me to see him descend into nut-ball territory in his most recent “Letters @ 3AM” (A Middle East Notebook) [Aug. Whenever Ventura writes about current affairs, he supports his arguments with snippets of information from the mainstream media, most often The New York Times. You can help by bringing nonperish- able food items and gently used clothing (see Web site for full list of needed items) to one of several drop-off locations this weekend: Fri., Aug. 1-35, llam-3pm; Phoenicia Bakery, 4701A Burnet, noon-4pm; 105 E.

But in the face of unyielding unwavering “faith,” what is reason? This workshop is free, but the academy will accept donations, all of which will go to Safe Place programs supporting victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

“Force shites upon reason’s back,” so said Ben Franklin in Poor Richard’s Almanack. When we turn our backs upon reason, when we opt for the unassailable, we narrow the paths that lay before us, until only one remains, one lined with tragic and bitter memories: Manassas, Bull Run, Gettysburg, Little Rock, Selma, Chicago, Kent State, Seattle, and New Orleans.

As awful as it sounds, it may indeed be necessary some day to defend reason literally at the point of a gun.

If those who hold power destroy the country all the while ignoring, or worse, cracking down on the “unbelievers,” what recourse will there be, except that which fits into the magazine chamber of a rifle, shotgun, or semiautomatic? TRAVELLING SHOPKEEPERS This group of local artisans gathers together so you can peruse their paintings, rock & roll journals, and revamped vintage clothing and accesories all in one place, while also enjoying happy-hour specials and the soothing, wal- let-loosening sounds of DJ Mini Truck.

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