Invalidating the session after 30 seconds

The parameter dialogs in version 9 are the same style as in Crystal 10, and some users don't like the parameter dialog style in XI R2. Make sure the file is placed on the LOCAL hard drive (not a CD or a mapped drive).

Use the button to access a dialog for setting various options.

Use Notepad to place the following command line in a batch (.bat) or command (.cmd) file: "c:\Program Files\Visual CUT 11\ised.exe" -regserver or, on a 64-bit machine: "c:\Program Files (x86)\Visual CUT 11\ised.exe" -regserver Right-click the batch file and select If you installed one version and then you decide to REMOVE it and install another version, be sure to first rename the old Visual file, since it is not identical across all versions.

To transfer settings from an old Visual to the new one, follow these steps: After starting Visual CUT, you would see the following screen: Use the button to browse for and open a report for the first time.

To allow administration of the smtp Q service, you may need to Right-click the Visual and set it (Properties, Compatibility tab) to Run as Administrator (set the option to apply to all users).

If you get one of these errors: Error 429: Active X component can't create object , i registration error , 'error accessing ole registry' , 'Automation error The system cannot find the file specified' or 'Out of Memory' Some pdf processing options require the use i as a component, which must be registered while you are logged in as an Administrator.

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By dragging, clicking, or right-clicking the grid column headers you can apply various options such as grouping the report by any column(s), hiding/showing any columns, sorting, increasing/decreasing font size, etc.

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