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It is the first Safe Harbor bill in the nation to be named after a survivor. In addition to speaking before the Senate, I've spoken my truth at Atlanta's 14th Annual "Call to Action" Prayer Breakfast, a 2014 National Human Trafficking Awareness Day event held at Spelman College, the United Nations 59 Commission on the Status of Women, the Atlanta YWCA Salute to Women annual event, and Atlanta Hartsfield Airport in support of the Freedom of Expression Atlanta.I was honored with the Kathie Mc Cullough Advocacy award from Youth Spark in May 2015 and was interviewed in the CNN Special Report I share this deeply personal part of my life to help prevent others from experiencing what I went through.One day, the resource center held a group discussion on the topic of courage.Its founder, Lisa Williams, told us girls about a brave young boy who reached out to her after he was sexually abused by a student minister he had trusted.Then she took money from them and said we could leave. She walked off to another hotel to "make more money," and I was desperate to find my boyfriend so that he could help me.I didn't know where our hotel was, but somehow I found my way back there. He told me she was crazy, money-hungry, and a little "off" because she took pills. "I know you made more." He accused her of lying about how much she'd made so she could keep more for herself.

Their heated argument and split saved my life, I'm sure of it. My relationship with my mom wasn't strong enough for me to communicate much of anything to her; I didn't have anyone to tell. It left me traumatized and kept me up at night, thinking. But then someone told me about the education and training program, Job Corps.

I did well in school, was on the track, basketball, and swimming teams, and pretty popular.

But after I moved from Iowa to Georgia at age 17, I felt alone for the first time.

Whenever I asked her when we were going back to our own hotel, she just reassured me like everything was fine and totally normal. Then she called the guys whose numbers she'd collected and took me to another hotel, telling me to just follow her and not say anything.

When I got into the room, there were four guys there. I tried to leave, but she told me, "We're only going to hang out for a few minutes — DON'T leave me here by myself." She was so aggressive — just the way she looked at me was threatening; it was like, "You better not do anything or say anything unless I tell you to." All I kept thinking was that no one knew where I was and anything could happen to me. She started ordering me around and made me do sexual things with the men that nobody should ever have to do.

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After three years of secrecy, I finally knew what to call the awful things that had happened to me.

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