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We were all amazed at the amount of midgets that were there and how pissed off they were.We never had the balls to go back to Midget Town after what happened to us that day.There are seemingly credible people however, who will swear to us that they have seen and even spoken with the wee folk at one Midgetville or another, and that the legends are true, or at least were true at sometime in the past.

The midgets were used in production shops for specific tasks that were only suitable for their size, i.e. In high school, my friends and I did many stupid things.We all tell our “back-in-the-day” stories to each other and this one is the one that always sticks out I just came back from Midgetville.The one I went to was in Totowa, kind of by Route 46.He told us that he drove through the town late at night with his friends with the headlights turned off. After the back window broke they noticed that it was rocks being thrown at the car by midgets all over the area.He told us that there were also some normal sized people there too, but they had weird looking eyes.

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All of a sudden we saw little midgets running after our cars and they were throwing rocks.

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