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Identifieringsmedlemsstaten ska överföra information om justeringar till den/de berörda konsumtionsmedlemsstaten/-erna och etableringsmedlemsstaten/-erna i enlighet med artikel 5, och förse denna information med en Denna förordning kommer att ersätta direktivet om elektroniska signaturer 41 och kommer att utvidga dess tillämpningsområde till att omfatta elektronisk identifiering, elektroniska signaturer, elektroniska sigill, elektroniska Electronic authentication and identification services for digitalisation applications and for electronic services provided on the net using electronic identifiers such as chip cards, USB keys or any type of physical or software token, electronic signatures, electronic certificates, Tjänster avseende elektronisk verifiering och identifiering för dematerialiseringstillämpningar och för elektroniska tjänster som tillhandahålls på nätet genom användning av elektroniska identifieringsmedel såsom chipkort, USB-nycklar eller varje typ av fysisk eller logisk pollett, elektroniska signaturer, elektroniska certifikat, elektronisk bestämning av klockslag och datum och elektronisk arkivering Systems, namely electric, electronic, optical, computing or biometric apparatus and instruments, computer software, computer peripherals, digital and/or electronic certificates, enabling archiving of data in a secure digital storage system implementing security, sealing and System, nämligen elektriska, elektroniska, optiska, elektromagnetiska, data eller biometriska apparater och instrument, datormjukvaror, kringutrustning för datorer, digitala och/eller elektroniska certifikat, för arkivering av data i ett digitalt kassaskåp genom säkerhetsmekanismer, försegling och In June 2012, the Commission proposed a Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market[56] to replace the e Signature Directive and expand its scope to address electronic identification, signatures, seals, I juni 2012 lade kommissionen fram ett förslag till förordning om elektronisk identifiering och betrodda tjänster för elektroniska transaktioner på den inre marknaden [56] som ska ersätta direktivet om e-signaturer och utvidga räckvidden till att omfatta elektronisk identifiering, elektroniska signaturer, elektroniska sigill, elektroniska The order in which interruptions shall be performed, if the total of nominations exceeds the quantity of gas that can flow at a certain interconnection point, shall be determined based on the contractual Although this option overrides the global option, it only makes sense for qt-copy.

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The Julian date corre­sponding to the first day of the solar Hejrī era is 19 March 622. 916), which was apparently the date arrived at by the Persian commission for calendar reform in 1304 Š./1925. 166) and used in various Iranian calendars up to the present day.

This calendar is reckoned from 1 Farvardīn, 119 days before 1 Moḥarram of the Arabian lunar year in which the took place.

De kommer från många källor och är inte kontrolleras. This lunar calendar, with the addition of the epact in each year, became the Sasanian “civil” calendar. In the solar Hejrī calendar the year begins on ; the first six months have thirty-one days each, the next five thirty days each, and the last one twenty-nine days in ordinary years and thirty in leap years. The timing of ordinary and leap years in this calendar follows the Jalālī rule of intercalation over a 128-year cycle. 59-139) attempted to establish the central position of Miθra (the fourteenth of twenty-seven days was named Mihr). The months of the solar Hejrī and Šāhanšāhī calendars are named for the ancient Iranian months, first attested in the Arsacid period (see i above; cf. Although the sequence and number of months are identical in all Iranian calendars, the lengths of the months were changed by the reform of 1304 Š./1925.Set this option to true to enable the script 's srcdir! When enabled, & kdesvn-build; will copy the qt-copy source module to the build directory, and perform builds from there.That means your QTDIR environment variable should be set to $ /qt-copy/lib instead.

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296 table), which were shown to be incorrect after A. A list of Old Persian month names (only partial in Old Persian script but complete in Elamite script) is thus available for com­parison with the lists in Elamite and Babylonian (see Table 20). The testimony of Quintus Curtius Rufus (3.3.10) (The magi were followed by three hundred and sixty-five young men clad in purple robes, equal in number to the days of a whole year; for the Persians also divided the year into that number of days), referring to the year 333 B. Another problem is posed by the system of interca­lation used in the Achaemenid calendar, for which no direct and explicit testimony survives. 74) maintains that the Old Persian calendar followed the same system of intercalation as the Babylonian calendar. Fruin, “Der Anfang des susischen Jahres I: Zur Zeit der elamitischen Könige; II: Zur Zeit der persischen Könige,” . The Arsacid kings fol­lowed the same practice, but it appears from material discovered at Nisa (2nd-1st century B. a.d.) that the Zoroastrian solar calendar (see below) was also used. The names of the days are only partly attested (see Boyce, pp. For dates in documents using the Seleucid calendar, see dating. Reconstruction of a calendrical tradition from before the time of Zoroaster is based on hypothetical derivations from Avestan texts and on comparison with the Vedic tradition (see Taqizadeh, 1938, pp. Traces of a synodical cycle have also been transmitted in the Avesta, however (cf. In 1336 Š./1957 the number of days was fixed at 31 days in each of the first six months, 30 each in the next five, and 29 in the last (30 in leap years). In 1906 an attempt was made to resolve the controversy with the adoption of a new calendar similar to the Gregorian. Names of the years in the Central Asian animal cycle (1) Genitive singular. For these sources and the opinion that in Arabia the two months originally fell in a dry period of late spring, see Lane, s.v.

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