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You may bicker over the color of the wallpaper that you’re putting in the living room, but you likely won’t have issues with him refusing to respect your decision to only serve cruelty-free, tofu-fed, free-range, local, organic, plastic-free, self-empowered chicken.That may sound like a joke, but it’s really not: you’re all about the same age, you’re all single, you’re all interested in dating, and you all have a lot in common. That can happen here (two PCVs got married last year and now live at site together), at home (I know several couples who are deemed sufficiently serious to have ‘a real chance’; I’m writing this post of the porch of one of them, while they do who knows what in the house), or even in an extended service (taking a third year together is fairly common too). I’m a realist, so I usually try to see the functional side of things: I automatically thought dating in the Peace Corps would be a lot like a long-distance relationship in college, but with fewer creature comforts, a LOT more free time, and pretty much nothing to do on a Friday night (except…*ahem*). Well allow me to assure you: romance does in fact happen in the Peace Corps. Almost every PCV dates at least one person during their service (usually another PCV, but there are a healthy number of PCV/HCN relationships as well), and not a few wind up getting married.You may meet someone amazing, and he or she may live in a regional capital, or they may live in a village in the absolute middle of nowhere, at the end of a 50k dirt road that is only accessible by mountain bike.However, there’s also a considerable amount of good news to offset that: 45 – 55 may not sound like a lot of people, but you’re going to have a LOT in common with that particular set.

[4] It’s not random at all, but it’s very tough to predict in stage, and romance isn’t even on the list of things PC considers when they assign you to your site, so it may as well be.

Looks are up for grabs, as are regional origin in the US, but otherwise the Peace Corps is actually a very successful dating pool.

Many PCVs develop long-term relationships during their service[5], and a respectable number get married as well.

Like the military, the Peace Corps is very mission-oriented, and as a result the inherent nature of the PC recruitment process tends to naturally select groups that are already like-minded.

This means that most PCVs already share similar philosophies on religion, money, sex, organic food, politics and all those other little stumbling blocks that make dating such a guessing game in the US.

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Of those, only 50% (85 or so) are possible[1], and of those 50%, probably no more than 60% or 70% (50 or 60) are available at any given time[2]. But let’s say you’re highly social, and you know 45-55 of those potential 50 – 60.

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