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When they’re not competing, the next most important thing is “who’s fucking who?

”Here I’ve compiled all of the true hookups between the people on these casts, past and present.

Their relationship was short-lived, but the two maintained a steady friendship.

"Whether I win or lose this challenge, the real win for me is not fall back into my old ways and be the Robin I know I am." Bio: Veteran player Robin has seen seven Challenges and cultivated a reputation for playing a drama-filled game.Thank you to Reddit User: soymilkmami and their hookup chart that I used to help direct me on occasion.: Anthony Cuomo, Jamie Banks Kailah Casillas (2nd season)Confirmed: Dylan Moore, Dione Marini, Cory Wharton Briana La Cuesta (2nd season)Confirmed: AYTO 2 guys Tori Deal (1st season)Confirmed: Mike Crescenzo, Morgan St.I decided the old thread was outdated and badly written, so I went through every cast member to try and find where they are now.On this episode of Nashville, titled "Second Chances," Deacon and Jessie try dating, Scarlett considers quitting music, Gunnar and Will convince Avery to join them on stage and Juliette learns more about Darius' followers.Project Runway All Stars kicked off its sixth season last week with 16 designers-- eight of whom have previously competed on Project Runway All Stars and eight of whom are part of Project Runway All Stars for the first time.

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