Rsync not updating files

Rsync is an extremely powerful tool and does more than just make copies of your files on your system.

You can use it to sync files on two directories on the same PC; you can sync directories on two different systems on the same network; or sync directories residing on machines thousands of miles apart, over the Internet.

That’s not the only problem with public cloud, the moment you start using such services your data becomes subject to numerous laws and can be accessed by government agencies without your knowledge.

Your service provider gains control over your data and can lock you out of your own data for numerous reasons - most notably some ambiguous copyright violations.

The functionality of rsync can be expanded by using different 'options', which we will talk about soon.

Most Linux distros have rsync pre-installed, but if it’s not there you can install the 'rsync' package for your distribution.I never save any data on my local machine; I always work on files stored on the primary hard drive on the server.That way my files are always up-to-date and I can pick them from any machine and continue to; no need to copy from one machine to another.The command becomes: It's also advisable to compress files for transfer so it saves bandwidth over the network, resulting in faster transfer.You should do it if your devices have slower transfer. As I wrote in an article earlier I run a local file server at home and mount it on all my devices to access my files.

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