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No com- munity ever kept a warmer place in its heart for the poor strollers, and none ever received so affectionate a return.

And when you die you will want a grave Where the Washoe zephyr blows, With the green of the sage-bush above your head, What need to plant the rose ! There was not only a charm in the free style of life and the cordiality with which they were welcomed that made them anxious to visit Washoe, as it was then called, but there was also a lure in the wonderful country itself which induced a number of players to forsake their profession and cast their lot with it.

You may tread the halls of pleasure, Where the lamps of folly shine, 'Mid the sobbing of sensuous music And the flow of forbidden wine.

You will loiter a while in other lands, When something seems to call, And the lure of the sage-bush brings you back And holds you within its thrall.

But these theaters represented only a part and at one time a very small part of the amusement business of the town.

To be "booked for Washoe" was a piece of good fortune that thrilled all with pride and delight.

Stark was a member of our first con- stitutional convention.

He played an engagement at Top- liffe's theater in 1862, and was so impressed by the wonders and the enticing prospects he saw on every hand that he resolved to look the Territory over; and being particularly pleased with the promises of ;i6 THE HISTORY OF NEVADA Esmeralda County, he put aside his profession, invested in mines there and built a quartz mill at Aurora.

THE DRAMA IN NEVADA 717 It is but fair to say that Nevada has compensated the stage for the lights withdrawn from it by contributing more than an equal number in return.

But for that wound, Bob Lindsay might have turned out a desperate character instead of a peaceable lawyer and a good citizen.

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