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e TF1 also develops products based on other key Group topics, including news, community, entertainment, sport, youth and cinema.Boulogne, January 2, 2017 The rollout of its multi-channel strategy since September 2016 has made the TF1 group (TF1, TMC, NT1, HD1, LCI channels) France’s leading broadcasting group,with 28.4% audience share of the population as a wholeand 33.7% of W TF1 achieved 90 of the best audiences of the year.TF1 news is fully involved in the national conversation: 35 leading politicians appeared as guests on news bulletins in 2016.Vie Politique saw audiences grow by more than 40% between its launch and its last edition with Emmanuel Macron.

Top headlines are transcribed for France 2's 13 Heures and France 3's Le Soir - they need a bit of searching for.

Since early 2012, Pro Sieben Sat.1 Games has held the Europe-wide licenses to eight games from Sony Online Entertainment, including the blockbuster games DC Universe TM Online, Ever Quest® II, Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures TM, Free Realms®, Magic: The Gathering - Tactics®, Pox Nora®, the upcoming Planet Side® 2, and the next installment of the Ever Quest® franchise.

About e TF1 : e TF1, the TF1 group's new-media subsidiary, creates and distributes interactive and multimedia products via the web, mobiles, audiotel, SMS, IPTV and interactive TV.

The title features two opposing factions, four different player classes with individual skills, mounts, a pet system, Pv E and Pv P combat, single-player and group adventures, guilds, and more. S4 league is the most successful online third-person action game with millions of registered players from North America to Europe.

With a wide variety of game modes, massive customization options, powerful weapons, supernatural skills and its unique anime-style graphics, the Stylish e Sper Shooting Sports League is as fast-paced and action packed as it gets !

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All programme genres were represented, reaffirming TF1’s credentials as a generalist, major event and popular broadcaster.

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