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Ministries of health or health departments are often not part of formal counter-trafficking national coordination mechanisms, and where they are included, in practice, they are frequently less active than other public sector services, such as shelter providers, police, immigration, and social services.

With the growing identification and referral of trafficking survivors into recovery services, there is a pressing need for specialized guidance for health professionals, especially for care providers in areas with high numbers of migrant workers and exploitative labor sectors who might also come into contact with vulnerable populations that could include victims of trafficking (16–18).

However, many participants had misconceptions about the characteristics of trafficked persons and a provider’s role in responding to cases of trafficking.

In addition, language was a selection criterion, as the training was purposely validated in three different languages.

Additionally, in many trafficking cases, survivors are also struggling with various social and economic challenges including poor social or financial support, feelings of shame and guilt, mistrust of officials and support persons, and social stigma (6, 14).

Given the growing identification of trafficking survivors around the world and the potential complexities associated with healthcare provision, it is time to raise practitioners’ awareness of human trafficking and foster service approaches that are well-suited to the care needs of trafficked persons.

The Caring for Trafficked Persons handbook was developed to offer guidance to health care providers in responding to cases of human trafficking or suspected situations of trafficking or similar forms of exploitation.

(19) This handbook was subsequently adapted into a set of training materials for health care providers (see Supplementary Material) (20), which were piloted in three languages and in seven countries in the Middle East, Caribbean, and Central America.

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